The Institute of Leadership & Management achieved the success for its flagship e-learning tool – MyLeadership - a bite-sized, highly-curated scheme that can be accessed on the go, which also provides personalised direction. Launched in March 2018, it gives leaders of all levels the opportunity to enhance their practice of leadership.

The awards, which were held in memcom’s 20th year, welcomed the who’s who of professional associations, membership organisations and the wider not-for-profit sectors for an evening which recognised the achievements of the industry.

Jay Luddit, Head of Digital Strategy of the Institute of Leadership & Management, said: “MyLeadership is designed to revolutionise personal and corporate learning. It responds to the demands of modern business leaders at all levels, who are short on time and prize self-directed development.

 “Winning this award recognises that MyLeadership has achieved its original aim: to serve the leadership development needs of the modern workforce. It’s a world-class tool that can be accessed on the go – but also includes personal, expert advice to add value to the experience and help improve leadership skills.”

The learning experience provides anyone who has a level of leadership in their job with the chance to enhance their knowledge and practice of leadership. It includes a range of insightful, topical and thought-provoking content relating to The Institute of Leadership & Management’s five dimensions of great leadership. Since the launch, 14,000 components have been completed by Institute Members, who have exclusive access.”

Vivienne Buckland, head of learning systems at Leeds City Council, who has recently completed the authenticity component of MyLeadership, said the course challenged her: “To think about another perspective on leadership.” She continued: “The questions were really useful because they stopped me in my tracks and made me see beyond the obvious.”

Jay Luddit added: “The judges were impressed not only with MyLeadership’s easily accessible and curated materials but also with the inclusion of live, expert conversations in an otherwise completely digital, self-driven learning experience. These conversations allow learners to reflect on each of our five dimensions of leadership and articulate how this will support and impact their own leadership practice.”

To find out more about Myleadership and to take a free Self-Awareness assessment visit;

Please contact Pippa Hanson / Luke Aldridge at Camargue: [email protected] / [email protected] or 01242 577277, if you would like further information. You can download a press pack here.

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