The Institute, which is sponsoring and attending the BUCS Nationals 2020  wants more students to be aware of the career benefits of playing competitive sport, and to help students better understand how the skills they hone on the pitch can be transferred to the workplace.

A study from The Institute, ‘Leaders at Play, polled more than 900 people and discovered that 75 per cent of those who take part in competitive sport believe it gives them skills and capabilities that provide a workplace advantage. The research also revealed that bosses similarly recognise the benefits, with 51 per cent of senior managers agreeing that participating in competitive sport increases career opportunities.

The top six capabilities developed through competitive sport that can be transferred to the workplace were identified as teamworking, confidence, building cohesion, mental toughness, a drive for personal development and, so important for high achievers, an ability to reflect critically on performance.

Students can win prizes, grab some giveaways and meet The Institute of Leadership & Management at The English Institute of Sport and Ponds Forge International Sports Centre to find out more about its unique range of free leadership resources that give students the edge on their leadership journey, and how to work the skills they already have that are sought after by employers. For more information, go to

Jay Ludditt, Head of Brand and Marketing at The Institute of Leadership & Management, said: “Teaming up with BUCS at The Nationals is a great opportunity for The Institute to mix with students, quite literally on their own playing field. We’re looking forward to opening up the conversation about our ‘Leaders at Play’ research and sharing insights into how the leadership capabilities students are currently developing in sport can bring real competitive advantage in their professional lives.”

James Bramley, Commercial Partnerships Officer BUCS says: “We’re delighted to be partnering with The Institute, as this gives our young sporting heroes the realisation that competitive sport can give them an advantage in their new career.  Most of our sponsors are sport or activity related, so this is a great new angle; what’s the student’s next step, and how can sport be used to their advantage?”

The BUCS Indoor Athletics Championships is a three-day competition (14-16 February) that sees the best student athletes in the country come together to compete at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. This event is just one part of the overall BUCS Nationals.

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