At The Institute of Leadership & Management, we consider leadership to be a journey not a destination. We recognise that leadership takes place in many contexts both paid and unpaid and at all levels in organisations. We provide a home for all leaders wherever they are on their leadership journey. To support this journey, we are delighted to announce the launch of MyLeadership, the place to go for leaders who want to enhance their knowledge of the practice of leadership, test themselves online against our leadership standards, receive personalised direction and have their leadership learning recognised. MyLeadership includes a range of insightful, topical and thought-provoking content relating to our five dimensions of great leadership. 

But MyLeadership is not just for those members new to thinking about leadership, it gives the more experienced and knowledgeable leader the opportunity to have that learning recognised in conversation with an Institute Certifier. We learn so much about leadership from its daily practice, by reading articles, listening to podcasts, watching videos, joining webinars and in conversation with colleagues but this ‘informal learning’ is often unrecognised. MyLeadership provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve acquired across our five dimensions and 49 components and achieve immediate validation – standard met!

Whilst we are reserving the opportunity to participate in certification conversation exclusively for our members, true to our mission, we want to inspire great leadership everywhere. Encourage your colleagues, who are not yet members of the Institute to have a go at MyLeadership Opportunities so they can see the role they play as leaders in so many different contexts.

We want more leaders, old and young, to engage with our five dimensions of leadership, appreciate that leadership is so much more than a set of personal attributes and think about their own leadership values. We are allowing members to see how well their values match up to their standard by encouraging them to complete MyLeadership Profile and receive personalised feedback on how important each of our values is to them.