Report Findings

  • 55% of respondents stated that leaders deliver results frequently within their own workplaces
  • One-third of respondents reported that they are subjected to "sink or swim" situations by their leader 
  • Nearly three-quarters of leaders are proactive in using mistakes from within their team for learning and/or development opportunities

Some of our Recommendations

Mark Murphy’s Hard Goals recognise the power of setting goals that help you achieve more than just a number. (Murphy, 2010)

The Components of Vision


The Healthy Workplace

Achieving leaders recognise the importance of a healthy workplace

Managing Performance

Achieving leaders set clear expectations, monitor performance and give feedback


Achieving leaders are resilient


Achieving leaders adapt to changing circumstances

Delivering outcomes

Achieving leaders focus on outcomes


Achieving leaders are mentored and mentor

Understanding HR

Achieving leaders understand the HR frameworks within which they operate


Achieving leaders have coaching conversations

Sustaining Growth

Achieving leaders contribute to the sustainability of their organisation

Developing Talent

Achieving leaders succession plan by encouraging talent and helping people grow and develop

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