Report Findings

  • More than three-quarters of leaders frequently listen to new ideas and suggestions
  • One-third of leaders rarely or never encourage ideas that are different from their own 
  • Only 40% of leaders frequently set clear goals, with one fifth doing this rarely or never


Some of our Recommendations

  • Combine the ability to plan for the future.
  • Communicate the plan, and to develop a shared understanding and ownership of the vision.
  • Balance the achievement of goals with being responsive to changing circumstances.


The Components of Vision


Developing Strategy

Visionary leaders inspire people to action and achievement by defining the destination and the journey to get there

Leading Change

Visionary leaders recognise the need for change and constantly adapt

Evaluating Risk

Visionary leaders identify and evaluate risk

Future Readiness

Visionary leaders link the present to the future and encourage people to build that future


Visionary leaders encourage idea generation


Visionary leaders inspire those around them


Visionary leaders recognise and nurture technological and other innovations


Visionary leaders have an entrepreneurial mindset


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