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As the foremost charity for Leadership & Management, we are in a great position to offer world-class innovative products and services at really competitive prices, making learning accessible to all.

Leadership development

Assess leadership capability, access expertly curated resources, keep up to date with weekly news, webinars, podcasts and EDGE journal.

Tools and resources to develop inspirational leaders.


Leadership programme accreditation

Add credibility and recognition to your programmes by achieving Institute Approved.

Professional recognition of your programme.


Coaching Recognition

Coaching Conversations: a unique, practical assessment of real life coaching experiences at work.

Recognise coaching ability.



Membership supports an ongoing commitment to leadership develoment. The sign of a great leader.

Go further.


Online courses

Bite size leadership development, expertly packaged.

£29 per course, Certified, Anytime

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A robust, evidence-based perspective on the practice of leadership and management.

Expertise underpinned by facts.



What our customers say

I really do feel The Institute is providing a wealth of fresh insights and great opportunities for leaders such as myself to keep up with relevant topics and differentiate themselves.  I’ve always loved  EDGE Journal and look forward to it arriving.

- Jo McDowall MinstM, The London Coaching Space

When we were forced to cancel our ILM workshops for 60 delegates we needed to quickly find a way to deliver on line learning to them. The Institute quickly matched the topics we would have covered to the online topics for MyLeadership and we were able to give the learners access remotely and monitor their progress

- Neil Porter, Training Specialist, Bapco

I have to say The Institute has been brilliant to work with, we really appreciate your approach! 

- Yvette Gyles, The Management Centre

Leadership to me is being curious about possibilities. The Institute website has really opened my leadership to new learning by exploring new thinking and skills. I would encourage all leaders to engage their teams in the programmes on offer through the Institute of L&M.

- Steve Playford, Leadership and Wellbeing Consultant

MyLeadership has given me a real sense of self-awareness; a recognition that I know more than I thought, and I understand more than I think!

- Mrs Ozma Iqbal MInstLM, Department for Work and Pensions

The 'Institute Approved' status on our Challenge Leader Programme, and the additional online components that are provided, has provided an indispensable professionalism to our leaders and enabled them to thrive in their roles

- Felix Bailey, Choose a Challenge

The ability to compare your own profile and results against those of others in your sector is really helpful, not only to countermand Imposter Syndrome for someone new in post, but also to celebrate your own strengths and identify your own leadership style

- Hilary Goldsmith, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

MyLeadership is a modern product, for a modern managerial environment, in a modern age.

- Phillip Tweedie, Belfast City Council

Being a member of The Institute of Leadership & Management means much more to me than a certificate and post-nominal letters, although those are helpful indicators to clients that I am investing in knowledge and skills that will benefit them. I am a better leader for my membership, and a more reflective practitioner.

- Cathi Shovlin FInstLM, Founder, Human Revolutions

I have found the learning resources on My Leadership incredibly useful both on a personal level and for my team.  It adds other dimensions to learning in an engaging and easy to use way.

- Sharon Mott MInstM, University of South Wales

MyLeadership has inspired me to become a better leader!   The tools and resources available enabled me to easily identify my knowledge and skill gaps.   I was then able to work on improving these around my busy schedule, at a time that was convenient for me

- Claire Tindale, Durham University

I like the articles in EDGE and love the clean cut appearance of the website.  It is well worth the membership fee.

- William Branney

The Insititute is really helpful in guiding me on issues experienced daily, by providing background, reasoning and tips to more effective leadership.

- 2019 Member Survey responder

Great leadership development enables you to...

  • Unlock potential

  • Push boundaries

  • Build and sustain agile businesses

  • Stand out from your competitors and colleagues

  • Attracts and retains skilled, high performing people



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