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Employers are looking for people with great coaching skills, so prove your capability and enhance your CV with Coaching Conversations - The only product of its kind where you are measured on real-life, practical coaching discussions. 


Fine tune your coaching knowledge.

Use our high quality, carefully curated online resources and videos to improve your coaching capability.

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Get assessed.

Enjoy a refreshing, unique approach to assessments, with no written assignments.

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Get internal recognition, support others and watch your team excel as their performance improves.

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What's involved

  • Use our carefully curated online resources to enhance your skills in key areas of coaching including questioning skills, building rapport, and many more.
  • Delve deeper in to specific areas areas of coaching with Spotlights e.g.  asking probing questions, how to measure progress, claifying goals etc.
  • Watch experts in real-life coaching situations - learn how they handle specific challenges
  • Record one of your coaching discussion on audio file and upload  it.  We check to see if it meets the standard.
  • Celebrate your credentials with a digital badge.



What is Coaching Conversations?

Next step.

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Institute members £125 +VAT, non members £175 +VAT.


Setting the standard for coaching at work.

Review the Assessment Criteria and Guidelines

  1. Your Coaching Conversation must be conducted in English, and recorded as an audio file.
  2. Audio files must be submitted as a 20 minute mp3 file.

  3. Ensure you are familiar with the content of the 5 Coaching Essentials, and where concepts are unfamiliar, the accompanying spotlights with associated video examples.

  4. It is unlikely that you will have a single 20 minutes of ‘perfect’ conversation. As a result we anticipate you having to edit the conversation and, although a single audio file, it may include examples from two conversations. The total length of both must still not exceed 20 minutes. No more than 2 different conversations will be accepted.

  5. All 5 standards must be met, these are the 5 essential components of a great coaching conversation.

  6. If successful you will receive notification and a digital badge and we will delete the file unless you give us permission to use it as an example of good practice.

  7. If not successful, you will receive feedback explaining the reasons and we will retain the file until your next submission.

  8. Appeals, if you do not agree with the decision, please submit a transcript of your conversation detailing how each standard has been fully met.