Do you recognise these leadership challenges?

Flexible working

How do we optimise our office space and ensure we gain the benefits of more flexible working policies.

Rapid technological change

How can we keep up with technological and ensure we have the right staff for the new jobs.

Attracting and retaining talent

How do we create conditions in which talented people choose to do great work.

Guiding change

How do we ensure that change initiatives are successful.

Realise the benefits of improved leadership capability.

As the UK’s professional body for leadership, we provide the highest quality, interactive development programmes. All tailored to the aims and ambitions of your people and your organisation.

Customised corporate learning programmes.

Unlock your teams' potential with MyLeadership, an e-learning tool tailored to suit your teams skills requirements, wherever they are on their leadership journey.
  • You choose the most relevant components of leadership, from 49, to meet your teams learning and development needs.
  • We customise MyLeadership using these components to create a pathway and personalise with your logo.
  • Your team gets access to all available resources so they can test themselves, find out where they need support and learn & grow.
  • You set a timescale for completion or allow your team to work at their own pace.
  • You monitor individual progress and activity reports through our admin interface.
  • Individuals book an online conversation with our assessor who tests their skills further.
  • Successful individuals receive digital badges (customised to your requirements ) so they can share their success.


Integrate MyLeadership into your learning programme. 



Corporate Membership.

Give your staff the tools to learn more about themselves, and realise the benefits of better leadership throughout your organisation.  


  • Test their ability with  MyLeadership – our flagship e-learning tool.
  • Prestigious letters after their name, for Associate, Member and Fellow grades.
  • Access carefully curated learning resources, driven by research.
  • Reach a community of over 30,000 leaders - network with like minded people.
  • Exclusive webinars and events.
  • ‘Edge’ leadership journal - keep informed of current research and best practice.
  • Over 70 years of leadership expertise.


Push your teams potential. Join us now!