Unlock your teams potential with MyLeadership.

Customised to your requirements

Flexible: to fit around workload

Live conversations with leadership experts

No written assessments

Realise the benefits of improved leadership capability.

MyLeadership is an award-winning, e-learning tool tailored to suit your team's skills requirements, wherever they are on their leadership journey. 
Designed around 49 components of leadership, MyLeadership combines online learning resources with interactive guidance from Institute experts, forming the basis of your leadership development programme.

What you get...

  • You choose the most relevant components of leadership, from 49, to meet your teams learning and development needs.
  • We customise MyLeadership using these components to create a pathway and personalise with your logo.
  • Your team gets access to all available resources so they can test themselves, find out where they need support and learn & grow.
  • You set a timescale for completion or allow your team to work at their own pace.
  • You monitor individual progress and activity reports through our admin interface.
  • Individuals book an online conversation with our assessor who tests their skills further.
  • Successful individuals receive digital badges (customised to your requirements ) so they can share their success.



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