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Our solutions help you:

Identify development needs

Use our flagship e-learning tool (MyLeadership) to measure leadership capabilities and identify development needs.

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Learn and grow

Based on our 49 components of leadership, our expertly curated resources educate on how to be a better leader.

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Get assessed

We certify leadership knowledge through real time one-on-one certifier conversations.

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Gain recognition

Receive post nominal letters (with professional membership) and digital badges to prove leadership capability.

Celebrate achievement.

Keep up-to-date

As a member keep learning and stay abreast of current leadership research and best practice with exclusive podcasts, webinars & events, our EDGE Journal, and News & Views.

Keep learning to keep growing.


For Individuals

Membership allows you to explore all of our leadership development resources, so you can find out what you need to grow.


For Organisations

Choose the leadership resources you need to develop your team and achieve success - a bespoke solution tailored to meet your business goals.


Being a member of The Institute of Leadership & Management means much more to me than a certificate and post-nominal letters, although those are helpful indicators to clients that I am investing in knowledge and skills that will benefit them. I am a better leader for my membership, and a more reflective practitioner.

- Cathi Shovlin FInstLM

The self-assessment tool, MyLeadership, is an excellent way to help my learners identify their strengths and to consider new areas for development.

- Natalie Griffiths - Tutor

I like the articles in EDGE and love the clean cut appearance of the website.  It is well worth the membership fee.

- William Branney

I have accessed a varied cross section of articles, information and journals that have kept me up to date on leadership and management ongoing practices, and have used this knowledge to enhance the coaching and mentoring of my clients.

- Maj Ian D Arbuckle BEM FinstLM

MyLeadership is a modern product, for a modern managerial environment, in a modern age.

- Phillip Tweedie

I have found the learning resources on My Leadership incredibly useful both on a personal level and for my team.  It adds other dimensions to learning in an engaging and easy to use way.

- Sharon Mott MLM

Developing the complete leader.