Do you want to be the sort of leader you'd like to work for?

This course will enable you to understand how to be that person through a better understanding of yourself, knowing how to build trust and being able to communicate the authentic you


This course includes the following to help you become an Authentic Leader.

Self Awareness leadership component

In this component you will explore how successful leadership is grounded in self-awareness, how personality can be defined as the combination of characteristics and qualities that form your distinctive character, and how emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be used by the collaborative leader to develop and improve their leadership styles and interactions with others. 

Building Trust leadership component

In this component you will explore how trust underpins effective working relationships, how trust can be earned, and how broken trust might be fixed.

Personal Brand leadership component

In this component you will explore how to develop your unique identity and image as a personal brand, and how your credibility and reputation are central to managing your brand and remaining ‘on brand'

Interactive online assessment

No written assignments, just a real, short conversation with one of our certifiers to ensure you get the recognition you deserve.


You'll walk away with:

  • Recognition that you are committed to leadership and personal development.

  • Enhanced insights on the latest leadership thinking and knowledge.

  • Fully verifiable, digital credential to share your success.

  • Official certification in Leading Authentically.


Suited to people meeting any of the scenarios below:

‘Self-starters’ and pro-active people looking to develop and/or step-up in their role. 
Anyone currently in or looking to move into leadership or management positions 
Individuals with specific work problem/challenge to overcome.
Managers looking to enhance their CV. 


An online course that sets you apart.