Do you want to make change work? 

Successful completion of this course will ensure you have all the essential knowledge you need to make change happen.


This course includes the following to help you lead change.

Leading Change leadership component

In this component you will explore what change means in organisations, models of change management, and dealing with the emotional responses change often provokes.

Adaptability leadership component

In this component you will explore how achieving leaders adapt their style to changing circumstances, and how agile leaders create or seize opportunities quickly and effectively.

Leading Projects leadership component

In this component you will explore the tools and techniques of project management, people aspects of programme management, and differences between project management and programme management

Interactive online assessment

No written assignments, just a real, short conversation with one of our certifiers to ensure you get the recognition you deserve.


You'll walk away with:

  • Recognition that you are committed to leadership and personal development.

  • Enhanced insights on the latest leadership thinking and knowledge.

  • Fully verifiable, digital credential to share your success.

  • Official certification in Leading Change.


Suited to people meeting any of the scenarios below:

‘Self-starters’ and pro-active people looking to develop and/or step-up in their role. 
Anyone currently in or looking to move into leadership or management positions.
Individuals with specific work problem/challenge to overcome.
Managers looking to enhance their CV. 


An online course that sets you apart.