Membership grades explained...

Your commitment to personal development

At The Institute of Leadership & Management personal development is central to how you join, retain and progress through the grades. We encourage you to engage with our learning resources and complete MyLeadership components in order to demonstrate your commitment to learning.

Discover the best grade for you and join us.



Open to all – Come and join us!
You're passionate about developing your leadership capability but don't meet the professional membership criteria. You want to be part of a network of like-minded people and get to work on your leadership and management skills all in one place.
As a community member, you can develop your skills through MyLeadership, our e-learning platform, access curated learning resources and webinars, and keep up to date with weekly news updates, podcasts and expert research.
Should you want to get professional recognition, you can upgrade to an Associate, by completing two dimensions of MyLeadership.


Fees: £150 per annum (only £12.50 per month!) Cancel anytime. 




Professional grades - Get CV boosting recognition

There are 3 entry routes to membership:

  • Qualifications: Successful completion of a management, leadership or coaching qualification (level 3 and upwards) OR completion of a specific number of dimensions within MyLeadership.

  • Institute Approved: You've completed an Institute Approved programme mapped to a professional membership grade - check with your programme tutor.

  • Armed Forces: We recognise your military ranks and map them to our membership grades. Find out more.

Associate - AMInstLM

Aimed at new or aspiring managers who are at the start of their leadership journey 
You're an enthusiastic manager who wants to further your skills and become a confident, dynamic leader.
To qualify, you'll need...
a Level 3 qualification
OR an equivalent Institute Approved programme
OR a mapped military rank
Alternatively if you are a Community member you can upgrade to Associate level by completing two dimensions of MyLeadership (one being Authenticity).
We encourage you to complete 1 dimension of MyLeadership per year. Once you have completed all 5 dimensions you qualify to upgrade to a Member.


Fees:  £150 per annum (£12.50 per month)



Member - MInstLM

Aimed at experienced managers who want to boost their leadership potential
You're an experienced professional, who wants to fine tune your skills and learn more from other great leaders.
To qualify, you must have...
a Level 5 qualification 
OR an equivelant Institute Approved programme 
OR a mapped military rank 
Alternatively if you have an existing membership you can upgrade to Member level by completing all 5 dimensions in MyLeadership.
You will soon be encouraged to attend two online group conversations per year where you can share, challenge and support other members.  


Fees: £150 per annum (£12.50 per month)



Fellow - FInstLM

Aimed at highly experienced managers who are looking to share their knowledge to support the community
You're a senior manager operating at a strategic level who wants to help others become successful leaders.
You’ll need...
a Level 7 (min 60 credits) qualification
OR an equivalent Institute Approved programme
OR a mapped Military rank 
You'll soon be encouraged to complete two online group conversations per year where you will be able to share, challenge and support other members. In addition, you are encouraged to be involved in our Giving Back programme.  
Fees: £175 per annum