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"The notion that leadership is a mystical trick practised by the select few is one of the biggest management myths of all time – don’t fall for it". Stefan Stern.

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There is no leadership gene, authentic 21st Century leadership is too contextual, too relational and too complex for it to be explained by a collection of personality traits. We recognise that leadership capability can be acquired, developed and is always a work in progress.





"Gifted leadership occurs when heart and head--feeling and thought--meet. These are the two winds that allow a leader to soar". Daniel Goleman

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Everyone thinks and feels, although it’s natural to want to prefer one approach over another. The best decisions will take the hard facts into account and carefully consider their impact on other people.





"Option A is not available. So let's just kick the shit out of Option B." Sheryl Sandberg


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The best leaders and managers need plans so there is a sense of direction, but they also need the agility, flexibility and confidence to react as events unfold. Every plan is a reaction to what has gone before and what we think might happen in the future.




"The leadership style you choose to use (and yes, to a great extent, it is an active choice you can make) has a direct impact on the result you achieve. It is what makes you memorable to others and fulfilled within yourself." Rebecca Hourston (2013)

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Great leadership is about what happens between people within the push and pull of relationships. Sometimes, what we do inspires others into action but now and again, we all need a little push to help us along.




"If I only had one strength that I could choose, I would choose resilience. Resilience is the shock absorber for tough times, and there surely will be tough times occasionally." Jill Griffin

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Successful leadership is about helping yourself and others to develop resilience by learning from setbacks, understanding what you can and can’t control, and committing to doing better next time.  Being mentally tough is not about being ‘macho’ but having the ability to cope with the inevitable ups and downs of leading and managing people.



“People with high levels of personal mastery...cannot afford to choose between reason and intuition, or head and heart, any more than they would choose to walk on one leg or see with one eye.” Peter Senge

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Skilled managers understand that rational thought and emotional feeling are entwined parts of what make us human. Learning how to listen to both your head and your heart helps to forge the relationships that are essential to great leadership.




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