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MyLeadership - identifies where you need support.

Unlock your potential with MyLeadership, an e-learning tool tailored to suit your skills requirements, wherever you are on your leadership journey.
Combining online learning resources with interactive guidance from Institute experts, MyLeadership forms the basis of your leadership development programme.
  • Learning and development tailored to you 
  • Conversations with leadership experts to test your knowledge
  • Fits around your workload, letting you complete the programme at your own pace
  • Uses the latest methods to engage you, and to validate and certify your achievements
  • No written assessments – you work to meet our standard in your own time, using expert resources for support
  • E-Badges to mark success

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  • 1000’s of curated online learning resources
  • A community of over 40,000 leaders and managers - network with like minded people    
  • Leadership knowledge driven by expert research
  • Exclusive podcasts, webinars and events
  • ‘EDGE’ leadership journal - keeping you informed of current research and best practice 
  • Over 70 years of leadership expertise
  • Get professional recognition, digital credentials and letters after your name, with our other professional grades



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