Improving leadership in the Public Sector.

Cyclical changes in direction, new targets and restricted budgets means it can be challenging to achieve the desired results in the Public Sector.

With over 70 years as a professional body, we are reliable, credible and agile partner who utilises our expertise and knowledge to offer a modern and flexible interactive learning environment.
Our aim is to make learning accesible to all - from equipping first-time managers with the tools and techniques needed for early success to enhancing the abilities of senior managers, we work with you to deliver practical and impactful leadership development.

Customised learning programmes.

Unlock their potential with  MyLeadership, an e-learning tool tailored to suit your teams’ skills requirements, wherever they are on their journey. 

Award winning leadership.

Invest in the best

A kite mark of success.

Add credibility and recognition to your leadership learning programmes by achieving Institute Approved.

Meet our standard.

Get institute Approved

Group Membership.

Give your staff the tools to learn more about themselves, and realise the benefits of better leadership throughout your organisation.

Membership gives you more.

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Exceeding the leadership needs of the modern day public sector.

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