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With our research and expert knowledge, we will open your eyes to new and evolving areas of leadership and boost your confidence as a leader, giving you that edge to stand out from the crowd and get ahead in your career.


You get all this for only £150 per year.

Career development

  • Learn more about yourself with MyLeadership – try our flagship e-learning tool
  • Go further with My Careers: CV management, personality tests, job search and careers insights
  • Keep learning with 1000’s of curated online leadership resources and business skills courses

Professional recognition

  • Enhance your reputation with letters after your name 
  • Share your success with digital credentials
  • Evidence your commitment to leadership with My Learning Record, a place where we record all of your CPD and personal development



  • Network with like minded people with a community of over 50,000 leaders and managers.
  • Join us on The Hub, our online forum for leaders of all levels to network, learn and support each other
  • Inspire others with your leadership stories
  • Share your opinion with voices from our community

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Your employer may consider supporting you with membership, as part of your professional development. Check if they can help.


Membership explained


In our 2022 Member Survey

  • 82% said their confidence had increased

  • 83% said they were better equip to deal with challenges

  • 80% said their team performance had improved

  • 81% said their reputation had been enhanced

  • 74% said their career had been boosted




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What our members say...

MyLeadership has given me a real sense of self-awareness; a recognition that I know more than I thought, and I understand more than I think!

- Mrs Ozma Iqbal MInstLM, Department for Work and Pensions

I feel tremendously privileged to be able to have access to such well thought through and wonderful knowledge, resources and analysis and be part of such a thriving network of people and ideas.

I’m deeply thankful and astonished this is available to me for the tiny amount I’ve paid for my yearly membership - it’s clearly extraordinary value for money and brings huge well-being benefit for me as well as professional.

- Alison Allmand-Smith

The digital badges and online accreditation process is first class - the interview with a real person is an excellent touch. First class team, keep up the good work!

- Jo McDowall MInstM, The London Coaching Space

Being a member of The Institute of Leadership & Management means much more to me than a certificate and post-nominal letters, although those are helpful indicators to clients that I am investing in knowledge and skills that will benefit them. I am a better leader for my membership, and a more reflective practitioner.

- Cathi Shovlin FInstLM, Founder, Human Revolutions

MyLeadership has inspired me to become a better leader! The tools and resources available enabled me to easily identify my knowledge and skill gaps. I was then able to work on improving these around my busy schedule, at a time that was convenient for me.

- Claire Tindale, Durham University

MyLeadership is a modern product, for a modern managerial environment, in a modern age.

- Phillip Tweedie,

To have the My Careers  service as part of the membership value proposition is invaluable, particularly at a time when people like myself maybe between jobs and haven’t dusted off their CV for a number of years. My CV was rated 60% optimal but with a few simple tweaks and adjustments I am now over 80% optimal. 

- Paula Wilcock FInstLM

Leadership to me is being curious about possibilities. The Institute website has really opened my leadership to new learning by exploring new thinking and skills. I would encourage all leaders to engage their teams in the programmes on offer through The Institute of Leadership & Management.

- Steve Playford FInstLM, Leadership and Wellbeing Consultant